Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Engagement

He proposed at my son's second birthday party. It was so cute. He forgot what he wanted to say and cried alittle...although he probably wouldnt admit it.
Now we have to plan a wedding!

The Birthday

We had a fun filled day on his birthday. He and I slept in, made breakfast together, and cleaned the house together before everyone came over to hang out. We cooked hotdogs, ate queso, and consumed tons of sweets.
His BeBe and Aunt Sondra were able to was a far drive but well worth it.

It was a relaxed day but so much fun. He received alot of wonderful and thoughtful gifts.

Homecoming Week

My son and I dressed up for the theme days of homecoming week. We were cavemen. It was great fun. He enjoyed the bat more than anything.