Saturday, December 6, 2008

Spending time w/ my Lil'Man

Today was a great day for us. We got up and played together, went to the mall and got photos taken with Santa, and went to the park to run out all of our energy. Being in my profession is very taxing. There are many days where I feel like I have shorted my son on "us time". By the time I get home, I am ready to wind down and relax....and he is ready to go, go, GO. Today was very nice for both of us.
The reason I am in the Santa photos is because he was unwilling to do it by himself. He would not even sit between Santa and myself. He got to the far side of the chair and took his time settling so that we could get a shot. It was very funny. He has just recently gotten to the "I want momma" phase. He has also started saying certain words. They may not all be clear as a bell, but we know what he is saying. It is too cute.